On Road Cars

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On road cars such as touring cars are designed for smooth fast tracks. We race them either on the outdoor tarmac track during summer or indoors at Barber Sports Hall, Greasely, on Primafelt Gt racing spec carpet.

The outdoor tarmac track at Hall Park, Eastwood was recently resurfaced and provides a fast and challenging race with most classes of cars even getting some air time on the lead up to bus stop corner. It has classic chicanes, gradient changes and a fast straight. One of the most challenging corners being "Bog Bend" which often catches out many drivers.

Indoors, the carpet track is ideal for racing. The carpet provides excellent traction with minimal tyre wear. We lay the track out every week, and it can be a different layout each time. Racing is fast and close, and more importantly warm and dry. Racing the weather can't ruin!