Last meeting indoors Saturday April 28th 2018. Back indoors September 1st 2018 5.30pm

Saturday Night Racing - Greasley Leisure Centre
Doors Open 5.30pm - Racing Starts 6.30pm Latest!

Please note all racers whether members or guests are expected to help with the setting up and putting away of the track!

About Saturday Racing!

  • Where do you race? Greasley leisure centre in the large sports hall. The rear doors will be open to gain access to the hall.
  • What Can I Race? GT12, WGT10, minis and Touring Cars and any on road class. Off road is not catered for on a Saturday night.
  • What time do we start? We currently open the doors at 5.30pm with racing starting by 6.30pm latest. This will be until 23rd February 2013. Check back for updates!
  • Are there any class rules? Rules for each class are opposite.
  • What do I need to bring? Tables and chairs are provided. Please leave them clean and put them away afterwards.
  • Is there Power for charging? Mains power is available, you will need an extension cable. You can bring your own 12 volt battery if required but it must be in a leakporof container.
  • Do I have to do anything? All help with setting up and putting away of the trace is appreciated. It is hoped that all racers help where possible.
  • How much does it cost? Members pay £5 Non Members pay £7. membership details here.
  • Must my car be in good condition? Your car needs to be in a good state of repair with no sharp or dangerous protrusions. Please ensure no screws stick out underneath. The is to protect all people there and our carpet.
  • Do I need to marshall? Everybody who races is expected to marshall the heat after they race. You are expected to spread yourselves around the track evenly and marshall any cars as quickly as possible.
  • Are there drinks and food available? The centre has a tea and coffee machine, and limited crisps and chocolate snacks.
Please see our current club constitution and rules for each class here.