Guidance for Competitors During Covid 19 Pandemic

Please read everything below. Condition of entry is that you agree to follow the guidelines stated below.

Basic Principles
The guidelines have been established in alignment with government guidance it is understood that this guidance is fluid and can be open to interpretation and also, in the event of a second wave of the virus, the advice may need to be withdrawn or reconsidered

      Numbers at events.

      At the time of writing the numbers of persons on site is limited to 6 persons. Any event organised by BMCC will be restricted to the number of persons currently allowed to meet outdoors by the UK government on the day of the event. No event will take place that goes against the guidelines issued by the UK government that are in force on the day of the event. Any event that has been pre organised for a future date may be cancelled should it go against the current rules relating to the number of people allowed to meet outdoors specified for that date. The number of entries to an event may be dictated by current government rules on the day of the event.

      Competitors should be aware that your event may be cancelled at short notice should the rules not allow a gathering of the numbers expected to attend at an event to take place.

      Your Club will NOT be operating how it used to, expect to do more prior to any event, expect the event layout to change, expect the pits to change, expect the way you move around to change. in short: - EXPECT CHANGE.

      You MUST Provide: -

      Your Own Hi-Viz Waistcoat for Marshalling.

      A pair of Gloves for Marshalling – _not latex disposable, ones suitable for working in.

      Some disposable Face Masks – _to wear where space means social distancing cannot done. Face coverings must be worn on any rostrum whilst racing.

      A Bottle of Hand Sanitiser.

      Your own table and chairs and power supply if required. Absolutely no extension cables to be run from any hut or building whatsoever.

      12 volt batteries or generators may be used to supply power for charging batteries. Generators must be quiet, ands positioned so as not to disturb other competitors and comply with social distancing

      Highly recommended to have available: -

      A Face Shield – IF this isn’t mandatory for your club.

      Some disposable latex gloves.

      Surface Cleaner.

      Hand Wipes.

      Essential: -

      A good sense of humour – _this is going to be difficult, the way we work at our events has evolved over decades, that’s all, just bitten the dust and we have to start again, we have have to learn how to do what we do, again.

      Patience – _be patient with your Club Officials and Each Other – we will probably find that within a day you will find a method that work for us and our club, but it will take time and patience and people will get things wrong – please, be patient with each other.

      READ the Guidance for Organisers You Need to Know what they will be. This is available at

      Event Entry

      Entry to each event will be through our website at

      Entry will open on the morning of the meeting.

      Entry fees will be paid at the time of booking in using a web based payment system.

      BRCA number must be provided

      Personal transponder number must be provided.

      Each entry must confirm they are fit and well and displaying no symptoms of Covid 19, and agree to stay away from the event should any develop before the commencement of the event, and agree to leave immediately should they begin to feel unwell.

      Any competitor who develops symptoms should also inform the club as soon as possible and not attend any club events for a minimum of 14 days.

      Booking In.

      When you arrive at the meeting. At a time specified by the race director by the PA system, booking in will be performed by you moving your car with your personal transponder number over the loop, thus signifying to the race director you are in attendance. No person other than the race director and one other club official will be in the building at any one time.

      Access to rostrums.

      The on-road track rostrum represents issues as there is only one way up and down. Competitors will enter through the on-road hut. There will be a physical border between the entrance to the stairs and the rest of the hut. Under no circumstances is any competitor allowed to cross this border with the exception of the race director and one other club official.

      The off-road rostrum is considerably easier as there are up and down stairs. Competitors will enter from the right-hand side as you face the track, and exit from the left.

      No competitor will leave any rostrum until the race is over, thus reducing the chance of passing within 1 metre of another person.

      It is expected that social distancing will be less than 2 metres, especially on the on-road rostrum, and so face coverings should be worn at all times if this is the case.

      BMCC will allow sufficient time for each rostrum to be vacated, and the next racers to enter without there being any need to queue. This will either be done by having larger gaps in between racers or alternating between on and off road heats.

      The venue in general.

      Only the race director will be allowed in the race control area of the building. The race director for the event will be designated before the event is started. One other club official will be allowed in the on road hut at the same time as the race director, maintaining a 2 metre social distance at all times.

      Toilets are currently not available, but hopefully in place by the time we are open. If not portaloos may be sourced.

      The Pits

      Competitors and other persons at the track (unless from the same household) will be expected to maintain a 2 metre social at all times. We feel this can be achieved by operating your pit table at the rear of your parked car. 12 volt batteries or generators may be used to supply power for charging batteries. Generators must be quiet, ands positioned so as not to disturb other competitors and comply with social distancing rules.

      No extension cables to be run from the hut whilst an event is being ran.
      Please do not turn up expecting mains power from the hut, or to be able to plug your charger in the hut as this will mean the hut has to be cleaned and sanitised every time you collect your batteries.

      The area at hall park is large enough to provide 2 metre social distancing to be maintained at all times.

      There is plenty of space around the on road track area, and the large gravelled car park adjacent to the off road track. Please position yourselves sensibly. BMCC will provide PA announcements to all car park areas if required.


      All marshals must be a minimum of 2 metres apart.

      All marshals MUST have their own hi vis waistcoat

      All marshals must have their own gloves

      All marshals must access and exit the track in a clockwise direction to minimise the chance of passing closely to one another.


      Results will not be printed to reduce the chance of gathering to view.

      Results will be distributed over the internet using the RC-timing system
      Available from

      Race Control

      As stated above, only the race director of the day may enter the race control area of the on-road hut. One other club official may enter the on-road hut at any one time as well as the race director, maintaining social distancing of 2 metres at all times.

      Event Cancellation

      Should the event be unable to run for any reason, entries will be carried over to the next event. There will be no refunds if it rains in the middle of a meeting. If you need a refund for an event, please apply to the club chairman first. We will sort it case by case. Do not contest the payment with PayPal. We have enough on at the moment without someone being a dick!

      I agree to all the above, now let me book in!